Episode 9: Stephen Darley on Benedict Arnold and the American Revolutionary War

July 14, 2016
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During a recent trip to New Haven, CT, Bob caught up with Stephen Darley to discuss his research on Benedict Arnold.
Darley has published three books on the American Revolutionary War, and has done extensive research on Arnold and the men who served alongside him in battle. Darley offers insights into Arnold’s early life, his decision to join the join the fight against the British, and the series of events that led him to betray his fellow patriots. Though Arnold’s name has long been associated with dishonor and treachery in the United States, Darley argues that Arnold is not the villain so many have claimed him to be. Recorded July 5th, 2016 at the New Haven Museum in New Haven, Connecticut.

                  Bob with Stephen Darley
Bob with Stephen Darley

Stephen Darley Bio
Darley Books Website (where you can purchase Darley’s books)
New Haven Museum Website

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