Episode 57: Margaret Talev on Covering the White House in the Age of Trump

May 4, 2017
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On February 17, 2017, President Donald J. Trump tweeted that the American news media is the enemy of the people. This was an escalation from the rhetoric candidate Trump used along the campaign trail, continually rebuking the mainstream media as purveyors of fake news. The President’s disdain for the media made it no surprise when he announced that he would not attend last week’s White House Correspondence Association Dinner, which is a long-held Washington tradition that celebrates the free press of the United States and honors the work of journalists.

So what’s it like to be a journalist covering a President who is so openly antagonistic to your profession? Is Donald Trump’s disdain for the media as fierce when he’s behind closed doors as it is when he speaks at rallies? And what is it like to go from covering the Obama White House to that of Donald Trump?

In this episode of The Road to Now, we get the answers to these questions and more in our interview with Bloomberg White House Correspondent Margaret Talev.

Margaret Talev is White House Correspondent for Bloomberg Politics, and Vice President of the White House Correspondent Association. She has covered the White House since the beginning of the Obama administration. The full text and audio of her May 1, 2017 interview with Donald Trump is available in the links below.

-“Transcript: President Donald Trump’s Interview with Bloomberg News.” Bloomberg.com, May 1, 2017. (Interview by Margaret Talev & Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg Politics)
-Margaret Talev stories from Bloomberg Politics
-Margaret Talev on twitter


This episode was produced with support from our sponsor, Ramseur Records.

This episode was produced with support from our sponsor, Ramseur Records.

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