Episode 36: Turner Simkins on Family, History, and Possibilities

December 26, 2016
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In episode 36 of The Road to Now, Bob and guest co-host Keith Larson speak with Turner Simkins about his new book Possibilities. Turner tells of the struggles his family went through after his son Brennan was diagnosed with a rare subtype of Leukemia on his 7th birthday, and what they learned as Brennan went from a dismal prognosis to a remarkable recovery. Turner also explains how the inspiration that Brennan took from Band of Brothers inspired him to wake up every day with the will to fight, and shows how the lessons of history can be a powerful force in our everyday lives.

-The Press On Fund
-Turner Simkins, Possibilities: Perseverance, Grace, and the Story of One Family’s Life with Leukemia ( NEWTYPE, 2016).
-Turner Simkins on twitter
-Keith Larson on twitter
-TheLarsonPage.com (where you can listen to the Keith Larson Show beginning January 4 at 9am!)

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