#18 The History of the Internet w/ Bradley Fidler

September 6, 2016
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In the first episode of The Road to Now recorded over the Internet via Skype, Dr. Bradley Fidler explains the key moments in the development of the Internet and gives his take on the issues facing us as we move further into the 21st century. An episode about the Internet, recorded over the Internet? Yes, and it gets better because we recorded the interview at UCLA’s Boelter Hall ARPANET exhibit, and ARPANET was one of the most important networks in the early internet.

      Dr. Bradley Fidler


Dr. Bradley Fidler

Dr. Bradley Fidler is a researcher and historian with UCLA Computer Science whose research examines the remarkably complex and brilliant process that brought us to the Internet that we ended up with today. As Bradley makes clear, the networks we have in 2016 have deep roots that involve a number of actors in both the private and public sector (and yeah, Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, but his role in its expansion was probably more significant than most people realize).
Interview recorded Friday, July 22, 2016 at the Boelter Hall ARPANET exhibit on the campus of the University of California-Los Angeles (w/ Bob via Skype from Portland, Oregon).
-Bradley Fidler’s Website
-Bradley Fidler on twitter
And here are pictures of some of the equipment in the ARPANET exhibit::




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