#151 Live in Chicago w/ Pete Souza & Erin Welsh (recorded at Beverly Arts Center)

November 18, 2019
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Pete Souza (photographer for Barack Obama/Ronald Reagan) and Erin Welsh (epidemiologist/cohost of This Podcast Will Kill You) joined Bob and Ben for a live episode in Chicago to discuss history, photography, politics, and what their fields have to teach each other. (Images from our conversation w/ Pete are below).

Thanks to everyone who came to our live show and to the good people at Beverly Arts Center for their help in making this event happen!

Tickets are on sale for our upcoming shows in Charlotte (Jan 24) and Carrboro, NC (Jan 25)! For tickets to these and all future live shows are available at our website by clicking here.

Pete Souza’s Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents and all of his other books are available at his website: www.PeteSouza.com.

Erin Welsh’s This Podcast Will Kill You is available anywhere you get this podcast, or at the podcast website: www.ThisPodcastWillKillYou.com.

This episode was edited by Gary Fletcher.

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Trump Strike.jpg

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Road To Now - Pete Souza(1).png

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