#13 Scott Avett and the Road to Now

August 2, 2016
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For the lucky 13th episode of The Road to Now, Bob and Ben sit down with the multi-talented Scott Avett to talk about the influences, events, and family history that led him to his life as an artist. Scott is a founding member of the award-winning band The Avett Brothers, which he established more than a decade and a half ago along with his brother Seth, and Road to Now host Bob Crawford. Scott is also an accomplished painter whose art has been shown across the United States.

Photo by Crackerfarm .


Photo by Crackerfarm.

The hosts of the Road to Now have a long-established friendship with the guest, and both Bob and Ben agree that Scott’s personal history and worldview are remarkable. We therefore hope you will enjoy what is not only a fascinating interview, but a convergence of three individuals whose lives have roots that span most of their adult lives.

Photo by Crackerfarm .


Photo by Crackerfarm.

Recorded Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.
Scott Avett’s Website
Scott Avett on Twitter
“The Avett Brothers: A Brief History” by Seth Avett

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