RTN Theology #27- Mending to Make New w/Scott Avett & Makoto Fujimura

May 28, 2020
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This special RTN Theology conversation features two renowned artists, Scott Avett and Makoto Fujimura, at the table to talk creativity, hope, artistic process, and faith in a time of pandemic. Scott Avett is a member of the Avett Brothers and a visual artist recently exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of ArtMakoto Fujimura is internationally known for his Nihonga works. He founded the International Arts Movement (IAM), leads the Fujimura Institute, and recently co-founded the Kintsugi Academy. His book, Art + Faith: A Theology of Making releases in January 2021 via Yale UP. Josh Garrels provides our soundtrack with songs from his newest release, Peace to All Who Enter Here.


Featured music: Josh Garrels

“peace to all who enter here” reads the brass plaque with rainbow 70s font at the entrance to our family garage-turned-maker-space. though initially intended to be a homeschool room, it has mostly been a prayer chapel, sewing studio, potting shed, conference room, mess hall, home office, craft room, candelit restaurant away from the kids, and most recently, recording studio.


in the month of march the world entered a time of quarantine. our life of work- and school-from home continued basically as usual. but beyond the boundaries of our yard, the world was rapidly shifting. instinctively for us, it was a time to pray & praise. when we enter into praise in times of uncertainty, we feel God’s goodness, the everything in His hands. His peace is a real, sustaining thing. josh began these days by firelight in the garage, mornings of prayer while winter melted away into hopeful spring. in the afternoons he’d turn on the recording gear & sing out praises. you’ll hear the click of the wood stove, the chirping of birds, our five children playing in the front yard. there was a spontaneity to this recording, & the result is sweet.

this project began as josh & a guitar, but then a virtual community joined in. so now there’s a full band, all recorded independently, separately, while everyone sheltered in place in their own homes. what wild and beautiful times these are, the capabilities of modern time to make music together, apart. here’s a collection of hymns, praise songs, & covers of friends’ worship songs. we hope you encounter the peace of Christ as you enter here, finding hope & faith restored in these turbulent times. –michelle garrels

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Episode theme music:

The Old Ark’s A-Movin’ by A.A. Gray & the Seven Foot Dilly

Jesus Said by David Childers

Episode edited by Gary Fletcher.

Episode produced & hosted by Bob Crawford & Chris Breslin.

Many thanks to Rachel Breslin & Melanie Crawford who help make quiet time and space for these conversations possible.

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This episode is dedicated to and in the memory of the Rev. Mike Boone.

This episode is dedicated to and in the memory of the Rev. Mike Boone.

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