#19 Sir Alan Meale on the Brexit, the Labor Party, and the Recent Political History of the United Kingdom

September 13, 2016
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In The Road to Now’s first episode abroad, Bob and Ben are joined by Sir Alan Meale for a conversation about the politics and recent history of the United Kingdom. Meale, a Labour Party politician who has served for nearly three decades as a Member of Parliament from Mansfield (Nottingham County), offers his perspective on the political system of the UK, the European Union’s impact on the history of the UK and Europe, and the challenges that the UK faces as it severs its ties with the EU. He also shares his own personal history, and the reasons he decided to join the Labour Party and devote his life to public service through politics.

         Sir Alan Meale with Bob Crawford

Sir Alan Meale with Bob Crawford

Recorded September 1st from the Parliament of the United Kingdom, London, England (w/ Ben via Skype from Nashville, TN).

-Sir Alan Meale’s website

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