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The Wild West w/ Dick Kreck (RTN #7 Reair)

November 29, 2021No comment

Woody Guthrie: Crafting Everyday Life w/ Nora Guthrie (#214)

November 22, 2021No comment

The 2020 Election: A First Draft w/ Robert Costa (#213)

November 15, 2021No comment

Redistricting: A Primer w/ Wendy Underhill & Ben Williams (#212)

November 8, 2021No comment

The Constitution w/ Jeffrey Rosen (#211)

October 25, 2021No comment

Miss America’s Secret Past w/ Amy Argetsinger (#210)

October 18, 2021No comment

The Corn Syrup Controversy w/ Benjamin Cohen (RTN #209)

October 11, 2021No comment

Monsanto’s Past, Our Future w/ Bartow Elmore (#208)

September 27, 2021No comment

This Episode Kills Fascists: Woody Guthrie’s Life & Legacy w/ Deana McCloud (#94 Rebroadcast)

September 19, 2021No comment

Vigilantes (#207)

September 13, 2021No comment

The History of Coffee w/ Mark Pendergrast (#81 Rebroadcast)

September 6, 2021No comment

Telling History through Journalism with Julian Rubinstein (#206)

August 30, 2021No comment
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Featured Guests


Annette Gordon-Reed

University Historian
Annette Gordon-Reed is Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard University and the author of On Juneteenth.
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Ken Burns

Documentary Filmmaker

Ken Burns is a legendary documentarian whose work has changed the way we understand our country's past.

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Heather Cox Richardson

Professor of History
Dr. Heather Cox Richardson is Professor of History at Boston College and the author of six books on US history. Her “Letters f...
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Rick Perlstein

Journalist / Historian
Rick Perlstein is the author of multiple New York Times Best-sellers including Reaganland & Nixonland.
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