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Presidential Transitions w/ David Marchick (#260)

January 23, 2023No comment

Silent Spring Revolution w/ Douglas Brinkley (#259)

January 16, 2023No comment

The Feres Doctrine (Part II) w/ Maximillian Potter & Richard Stayskal (#258)

January 9, 2023No comment

The Feres Doctrine w/ Maximillian Potter & Richard Stayskal

January 2, 2023No comment

Freedom’s Dominion w/ Jefferson Cowie (#255)

December 5, 2022No comment

Searching for America’s Emotional Source Code with Dov Baron

November 14, 2022No comment

Chernobyl, The Last Czars and the Pros & Cons of Dramatizing History w/ Philippa Heatherington & Jon Waterlow (#141 rebroadcast)

November 7, 2022No comment

Deathcare Revolution w/ Tanya Marsh (#252)

October 31, 2022No comment

The West Wing & Beyond w/ Pete Souza (#251)

October 24, 2022No comment

Celebrating Levon Helm w/ John Barry & Larry Campbell (#250)

October 17, 2022No comment

The Corruption of Libertarian Philosophy w/ Andrew Koppelman (#249)

October 10, 2022No comment

Journalism & Politics w/ Bill Plante & Olivier Knox (#104 Reair)

October 3, 2022No comment
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Featured Guests


Annette Gordon-Reed

University Historian
Annette Gordon-Reed is Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard University and the author of On Juneteenth.
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Ken Burns

Documentary Filmmaker

Ken Burns is a legendary documentarian whose work has changed the way we understand our country's past.

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Heather Cox Richardson

Professor of History
Dr. Heather Cox Richardson is Professor of History at Boston College and the author of six books on US history. Her “Letters f...
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Rick Perlstein

Journalist / Historian
Rick Perlstein is the author of multiple New York Times Best-sellers including Reaganland & Nixonland.
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