About The Road to Now

The Road to Now explains the history behind important events and outstanding individuals of today's world. Created in 2016 by Dr. Benjamin Sawyer and Bob Crawford, a founding member of the Grammy-nominated band The Avett Brothers, The Road to Now has brought historians, politicians, journalists and artists to the table for conversations that illuminate the map that brought us to where we are today.

As individuals, we make sense of our place in the world through our own personal experiences. We weave a unique narrative, but the world we recognize comes from those who came before us. The Road to Now podcast seeks out those stories through a series of conversations with pioneering individuals. In short, we look at the road of the past to understand how we arrived in the present.

Thanks for joining us on the road,

Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford


Our Hosts

Bob Crawford


Bob plays bass for the Grammy-nominated band, The Avett Brothers and is managing director at The Press On Fund. Bob is an avid reader of history, and is currently pursuing his MA in History. His favorite president is Martin Van Buren (he has a signed letter by MVB hanging in his house). You can follow Bob on twitter at @BobCrawfordBass.

Dr. Benjamin Sawyer


Ben is Senior Instructor of History at Middle Tennessee State University, where he has worked since earning his PhD in history from Michigan State University in 2013. Ben has taught history at the university level for over a decade, is a former Fulbright Fellow in Russia (2011-2012) and has published on the exchange of ideas between the US and Russia in the 20th century. Ben is also a stand-up comedian who has performed across the US, and the writer/host of the live comedy game show Perfect Timing. He has been in car accidents on three continents. You can follow him on twitter at @Ben_Sawyer.

Gary Fletcher

Associate Producer

Gary Fletcher is a comic and audio editor based in Nashville, TN. He is the founder of Nashville comedy outfit Corporate Juggernaut and the producer and cohost of the Osiris Podcast Which Is Better?. A member of the team since the summer of 2018, Gary does audio editing, graphic design and most of the social media at RTN. He also serves as our tech liaison for RTN live shows. If you need some help with your own podcast, email him at [email protected] Bob and Ben aren’t sure what they’d do without him.

Chris Breslin

RTN Theology Cohost

Chris is the proud husband to Rachel, dad and jungle gym to Noa, Titus, Emett, and Simeon. A native Central Floridian, Chris moved to Durham in 2006. He holds an MDiv from Duke Divinity School and regularly assists in the Intro to New Testament course. He’s the founding pastor of Oak Church, the creative director and shipping assistant for Rach's thriving cottage-industrial venture, Bullpin Apparel. He enjoys reading and learning about intersections between theology and the arts, tending a small flock of laying hens named after pop divas and soul singers, adding to his vinyl music collection, and following FSU football, Bulls baseball, and Duke hoops.

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