Joining the Osiris Podcast Family

We’re now part of the Osiris podcasting family. Osiris is a growing community of music and culture podcasts, connecting music fans with conversation, commentary and music. Osiris works in partnership with Relix, check them out for music news and information.


Our CEO RJ Bee

RJ is responsible for leading and growing Osiris. He brings expertise in strategic growth, HR, marketing and finance.

Our COO Tom Marshall

Tom is the primary lyricist and songwriter for the band Phish, with over 300 songs to his name. Tom’s IT career began in large corporations, but he now spends his time working with startups.

Our CTO Craig Miller

Craig is a partner at Objectlab, a technology consultancy that has worked for 20 years helping media and entertainment companies adapt to the digital age. 

Together we are Osiris.

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