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Bob Crawford, Benjamin Sawyer and Ian Skotte make The Road to Now podcast because they believe that understanding history revolutionizes the way you understand yourself and the world you inhabit. Since May of 2016, we’ve worked to share the value of history by bringing our listeners conversations with some amazing individuals who have illuminated the often-unseen parts of our historical map. Along the way, we’ve traveled quite a few roads of our own, creating more than 70 episodes recorded in dozens of cities across the United States and the UK.

hen we recorded our first episode, we did it because we love those around us, are grateful for what we have, and wanted to channel our passion for history to empower our fellow citizens in this democratic experiment called the United States. We hoped people would join us on this road, and we are grateful and humbled that thousands of people have. The incredible wave of support that listeners have shown to our podcast has inspired us to invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into producing content that fulfills our mission and inspires the listeners who inspire the RTN team to keep working.

We’re launching a patreon campaign because we want to take our podcast to the next level, and everything we’ve seen from our fans suggests that a lot of you want to help us make this happen. Our vision for The Road to Now is vast, but is well beyond our current logistical capacity. In an incredible show of support, several of you have already written to us to ask how you could financially support RTN. So we want to bring you in on what we’re doing and offer you some pretty cool extras for helping us expand our reach.

We’re so thankful for the support you’ve all shown us in the last year. The Road to Now has been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve embarked upon, and we couldn’t do it without you.

With gratitude,

Bob Crawford, Benjamin Sawyer and Ian Skotte
The Road to Now