The Road to Portland

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                             Map is from Click image to link to their site.

                             Map is from Click image to link to their site.

We just wrapped up a great two-day stint in Portland, Oregon, which included an interview on the history of Portland with Dr. Ethan Seltzer, and our first video Q&A on facebook live! We'd like to thank everyone who watched us on facebook live, and especially those who sent us so many great questions for our broadcast. Though we weren't able to answer all of the questions we received, we've made note of the ones we didn't get to, and will answer them in a future facebook live video. 

You can watch a video of our facebook live Q&A on our facebook page, or listen to the audio on Episode 11 of The Road to Now, which will be available on Friday, July 21st. 

We are so grateful for all of the support we've gotten from our listeners. We look forward to sharing our Portland interviews with you in the upcoming weeks!

Thank you,

Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford.