Call for Questions: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

On Wednesday, June 15th, Bob and Ben are traveling to Denver to interview Colorado Governor (and potential Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential pick), John Hickenlooper. We're really excited about having Gov. Hickenlooper on The Road to Now- his experience as both Mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado make him a great candidate to add to our ongoing discussion about the rise of new populism and the urban/rural split in American history.

              Governor John Hickenlooper

              Governor John Hickenlooper

We're also incredibly grateful for the response we've gotten from our listeners so far. Since our launch a little over 3 weeks ago, we've gotten some great questions and comments that have helped us improve the podcast. Therefore, we thought we'd announce our interview with Gov. Hickenlooper in advance and take questions that you might have for him. So if there's something you'd like us to ask Gov. Hickenlooper, let us know by emailing us at

Thank you,

Ben and Bob

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