Episode 22: Chris Frates on News in the Era of Social Media

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                           Chris Frates

                           Chris Frates

In episode 22 of The Road to Now, Bob and Ben are joined by CNN’s Christ Frates for a discussion about news in the era of social media. Chris talks about the challenges and opportunities that reporters face in today’s world, and shares his own experiences as a journalist whose career has been defined by the shift from old to new media. Chris also breaks down the fundamentals of good reporting, and explains how these principles transcend the medium of delivery.

Chris Frates is a correspondent with the CNN Investigations unit, and co-host of Sirius XM’s “Politics Inside Out.” Since graduating from the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland in 2002, Chris has worked at The Denver Post, Politico, and The National Journal. That’s an impressive resume for someone who isn’t even 40. And it’s why we were so excited when he agreed to join us on The Road to Now


-Chris Frates on twitter
-Sirius XM Potus Politics (Where you can find "Politics Inside Out" by Chris Frates & Mark Preston)