Tell Your Elected Officials to Fix the GI Bill

Many veterans haven’t been getting their GI Bill payments. We’re asking everyone to contact their elected representatives and let others know on social media using the hashtag #GIBillNow

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In the fall semester of 2018, hundreds of thousands of student veterans who were using the GI Bill benefits they earned in the US Armed Forces did not receive their payments on time. These veterans, many of which have families, rely on these payments to pay their rent, car loans, and other bills with regular deadlines that do not change when their payments are delayed. In some cases, the delays have forced veteran students to drop their classes midway through the semester to take jobs required to pay their bills.

We believe that these student veterans deserve better, and we think most of you agree with us. Therefore, we’re asking everyone to take a few minutes to spread the word about the payment delays. Here’s how you can help:

  • Call or send a message to the White House and your representatives in Congress and ask them to do what it takes to fix this problem.

  • Spread the word about the delays to others in person and on social media using the hashtag #GIBillNow to help raise awareness about this issue. Tag your elected officials and others you think should know about this issue.

We’ve provided links below that explain the causes of the delays, the problems they’ve created for veteran students, and the VA’s most recent plan to implement the changes required by the Forever GI Bill of 2017. While we hope this will new plan will fix the problem, we also believe that we shouldn’t wait silently to see what happens. Let’s speak up now and tell our representatives that we expect our country to fulfill the promises it made to those who have served.


Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford


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