Lessons in history: How do Harvey and Irma stack up?

The extent of Harvey’s destruction is paralleled only by Hurricane Katrina in recent years (2005), which was the third strongest hurricane said to have hit the United States at the time. Now, the country mourns its losses sustained during Hurricane Harvey and prepares for Hurricane Irma. Through this somber time, it is important to remember that comparing current storms to storms of the past allows the United States to learn from them to better predict how future storms will impact the nation and to avoid costly mistakes.

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Donald Trump: A historically bad speller

President Donald Trump finds himself in some pretty good company when it comes to butchering the English language including Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin and William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. 

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Base Lessons: Rallying Supporters at Immigrants' Expense Has a Long History in the United States

Since the early years of the republic, there have been periodic waves of anti-immigrant nativist political movements fueled by working class resentment and picked up on by politicians. 

Today’s political climate is no different.

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