As individuals, we make sense of our place in the world through our own personal experiences. The narrative we weave is unique, but the world that we inhabit is a group project carried out within a framework inherited from those who came before us. Though our lives are spent blazing trails across the moments we encounter, the new roads we build are extensions of a greater map of human accomplishment that we all share. 

            The Road to Now podcast is a series of conversations with pioneering individuals in today’s world. Our goal is to trace the intersections and divergences of personal and historical narratives to better understand the importance of history in shaping our modern world, and to explain the ways that common origins spark exceptional turns in the road. 

            The podcast is a collaborative project undertaken by Bob Crawford and Dr. Benjamin Sawyer. Bob is a Grammy-nominated musician and founding member of The Avett Brothers. Ben is a historian at Middle Tennessee State University and a former Fulbright scholar in Russia. Bob has been interviewed by Rolling Stone; Ben has been interviewed by Forbes. Both have travelled the globe pursuing their passions and find inspiration in studying the past. They hope that The Road to Now will help their listeners appreciate the ways that past is present, and contribute to the exchange of ideas that is a cornerstone of a democratic society.