About The Road to Now

                                               The Road to Now  cohosts Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford

                                             The Road to Now cohosts Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford

As individuals, we make sense of our place in the world through our own personal experiences. We weave a unique narrative, but the world we recognize comes from those who came before us. The Road to Now podcast seeks out those stories through a series of conversations with pioneering individuals.

Our goal

Understanding the present by looking to the past

Show founders

Bob Crawford plays bass for the Grammy-nominated band, The Avett Brothers. In his spare time, Bob enjoys studying early American history (so much that he has a letter signed by his favorite president, Martin Van Buren). 

Dr. Benjamin Sawyer teaches history at Middle Tennessee State University and was a Fulbright Fellow in Russia. Ben is also a stand-up comedian and writes/hosts a comedy game show called Perfect Timing.  

Ian Skotte works as a communications content specialist with a flare for history. Ian edits and books guests for the show and primarily is our man behind the scenes.

The three have travelled the globe pursuing their passions and find inspiration in studying the past.